of a partially sane saxoph.. SQUIRREL! Umm, what was I saying?

About Jeremy Burke

Somehow, a formal bio doesn’t seem appropriate for either this site or for me. Actually, a bio written by me may be more the problem (as in I just really do not want to write one). Unfortunately, both my daughter and wife turned down my bribes, so apparently I won’t be getting out of this.I am a classically trained saxophonist, adult educator and (most important to this site) the brother of an actively listed liver transplant candidate.I’ve had the good fortune to be able to study with some incredible teachers. My primary saxophone teachers include Randall Smith, Professor of Saxophone at Truman State University, and world-renowned saxophonist Eugene Rousseau. In addition to my primary teachers, I studied saxophone under Kenneth Seino and Jean-Yves Formeau, clarinet with Richard Weerts, flute with Juliana Moore, and conducting with David Nichols and Daniel Peterson.

In addition to having some great teachers, there were a few honors/awards and cool performances along the way – Honorable Mention in both the Missouri Music Teachers Association State Honors Woodwind Auditions and MTNA-Wurlitzer Collegiate Artists Competition, Winner of the First Annual Gold Medal Concerto/Aria Competition at Truman State University, a member of groups which were named Winners of the Missouri Music Teachers Association State Honors Woodwind Chamber Auditions Semi-Finalist in the prestigious Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition and performances throughout the Midwest as a soloist and with the Indiana University Saxophone Quartet, including invited performances at Truman State University, the Ars Nova series at Joliet Community College and the Brian Minor Concert Series at Ball State University.

A few years teaching middle-school music in rural New Hampshire pointed me down a slightly different career path, first learning the world of disability insurance, then using my education background to teach grown-ups who want to be in class (or at the very least, want their paychecks) how to do their jobs. I currently work as a Learning Consultant with Aetna, Inc. where I do a lot of eLearning development, coordinate and develop curriculum, and still occasionally facilitate some training sessions here and there.

Amidst all of that education and professional stuff, my brother was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis in 1994. I won’t even begin to tell his story – if you’re interested, check out his site, MoreThanIllness.org, and if you’d like to know more about PSC, start with PSC Partners Seeking a Cure.

I’ll write more about how all of that got me to this point – and this site – in a blog entry, so I won’t repeat myself, other than to say it is exciting to be embarking on a journey that uses my passion for music and education in (I think) a pretty cool way.

To wrap this up with a neat, cliche ending….

“Jeremy Burke currently lives in Milton Mills, New Hampshire with his wife, Andrea, four kids – Eliana, Makenna, Zane and Galen – and a ridiculous number of animals. In his spare time, he likes to sleep, eat chocolate, and find as many excuses as he can to avoid writing bios.”

Waiting List Candidates as of today, 1/27/2013: 116,860
Active Waiting List Candidates as of today, 1/27/2013: 74,389
Transplants, January to October 2012: 23,362
Donors, January to October 2012: 11,666

(statistics taken from the UNOS web site as of 10:17 PM EST, 1/27/2013)

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